Nassau Group Music Expedition

Get ready to enjoy a wide variety of musicians and artists from the Nassau Group, who will be joining us throughout the season as headliners for the special events we host at all of our venues each week. From the sweet sounds of a violinist to the smooth rhythms of a saxophonist, there’s something for everyone. And don’t miss the spectacular fire performances that will leave you mesmerized. Our dancers will also shine, demonstrating their talents with a variety of dance styles, adding energy and excitement to our events. We are also proud to have amazing musicians and resident artists that are sure to impress.
Join us for a season of unforgettable performances.

Artists & DJ's


Nassau Group dancers, magnetic movements

Experience the ultimate fusion of music and dance as Grupo Nassau’s spectacular dancers move to the rhythm of our resident musicians. Our dancers bring a unique blend of talent, grace and expressiveness to each performance, perfectly complementing their choreography with live music. Whether you love 70’s music, funky or dance music, our versatile dancers will delight and entertain you at every event. Prepare to be conquered by their charisma and stage presence, and enjoy an unforgettable experience you won’t forget.