Abel Pons

“I was born in Valencia, and after visiting some friends on the island, in 2001, I decided to stay in Ibiza. I’m a musician foremost and then a DJ: I play guitar and bass, and I’ve been in bands. When I was a kid, everyone around me listened to rock. I became a fan and was already buying vinyl in the Eighties. Growing up, I became interested in other styles, like metal and rap. Bands like the Foo Fighters, Limp Bizkit and Kase. O have hugely influenced me. O. I started DJing, as a hobby, in 2004 and a year later, it became a job. I’ve been working at Nassau Group for ten years. I’m very eclectic when playing, and I prefer to play songs more than electronic music, mixing up rock with genres like disco, funk, house or reggae. The important thing is to know in which direction you want to go and see if the crowd connects with the music playing at any given moment.”